Freestyle Swim Schools’ Baby and Pre-school programme of lessons and activities will help your child achieve early swimming skills and water safety skills. All our instructors are fully qualified swimming teachers with rescue qualifications and they have additional training for baby swim classes. We have a clear understanding how these early skills and practices can be transferred as your child develops to independent lessons as they get older.


  • Your fully qualified instructor will lead you in supporting and guiding your baby through our planned, progressive lessons, both having fun and strengthening the bond between you. 

  • The lessons are very sociable and will give you the opportunity to make new friends together.


We offer 30-minute classes with up to eight baby/parent couples in a pool where the temperature averages 30° C.


How we teach
Babies have natural reflexes when born that can help them to underwater swim for short distances, when supported. We teach specific activities to help strengthen these reflexes, develop buoyancy and improve co-ordination and balance, develop muscle control and strengthen the heart and lungs.

As babies get older, these natural reflexes lessen ,especially unless developed, so the earlier you and your baby start the better. However, we equally welcome babies and toddler who have no swimming experience and aim to provide these same benefits without submersion so please do not feel submersion is a necessary part of our lessons- fun, safety and enjoyment are our main aims for you both!

All our teaching is done in a fun, informative way with a child centred, not a goal dominated approach.

What your baby will learn

Introducing young babies to underwater swimming requires a gentle and gradual process. The weekly activities and repetition of these along with a progressive programme mean babies happily and quickly become familiar with it. They will come to understand what will happen next, recognising commands that precipitate going underwater. The underwater work forms a small proportion of what happens in our classes and the majority of the lesson takes place on the surface. Submersions form part, but not all of our baby and pre-school programme but babies are never made to go underwater if not happy to do so.


Our lessons aim to give babies and young children a foundation of skills to enable them to swim when they are physically ready, which differs from child to child. Some children who complete underwater swims when they are babies do not necessarily 'swim' better when ready to start lessons independent of parent. However, all our instructors are experienced and fully qualified to teach swimming to all ages and levels meaning we have a clear understanding of progressive practices to enable your child to transfer these early learnt skills to proper 'swimming' skills as they get older.

We have separate age-group classes for babies at different venues on different days, please contact us for availability:

Monday 13:00-15:00pm Chycara, Carnon Downs

Thursday 12:30-14:30pm Chycara, Carnon Downs

Sunday 9:30- 12:00pm Penryn Primary School 

By the time your child is three years old they will be ready to take classes without you, whereby they will use the skills learnt in their baby swim classes to learn to surface swim greater distances, extend lifesaving skills and learn all four strokes to become strong, confident, happy and safe swimmers!


Please contact us directly for further info or specific enquiries using our enquiry form or via telephone or email.




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