• Childrens small group lessons (no more than 4 children): £8:00

  • 1:2 lessons: £11:25 per child

  • 1:1 lessons £20:00

  • Baby/toddler and parent lessons: £9:00

  • Adult lessons: poa

Payment can be made by bank transfer to:
05637116 s/c 09-01-28 (please use swimmers name as reference)

​Please note, we operate a' No Cash, No Splash' policy. Due to insurance purposes, non payment before lessons start could result in your child not being able to swim.

Downloadable booking forms:

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How we assess and award our swimmers

More information from Swim England can be found here:



Summer term dates

  • Monday 12th April-  Sunday 25th July

  • 14 week term 

  • No swim for half term week- Monday 31st May- Sunday 6th June (please note we will run lessons on Monday 3rd May which is a bank holiday so the children can catch up as much as possible) 


To ensure everyone stays as safe as possible extra COVID safety measures/rules will continue as follows: 

  • Changing rooms will not be in use (unless specifically agreed in writing with myself before lessons commencement) and children are expected to come ‘pool ready’ and leave with a dry robe/dressing gown/equivalent. 

  • Children will need to have their hat and goggles on ready to start the lesson. 

  • Spectators will not be allowed on poolside. Parents will drop children at the door and wait outside/sit in cars and come back five minutes before the end of the child's lesson to collect. A team member will be able to get you if needed during the lesson 

  • There will be a designated non-teaching member of staff on poolside during all lessons to assist with the running and transitions of lessons to help any children that need extra assistance during their lesson. 

  • Much teaching will be done from poolside, although some lessons will need an instructor in the water to ensure safety. 

  • Use of additional aids may be required for teaching beginners/non-swimmers to reduce the need for in water teaching/ face-to-face/physical contact. 

  • Additionally, pool platforms may be in use at some venues. 

  • Lessons will finish at 25 minutes duration allowing for a five-minute turnover and to ensure equipment can be sterilised/rotated. 

  • At all times before, during and after the lessons we will strive and encourage all to adhere and maintain social distancing. 


We want the children to be happy, comfortable and progressing in our lessons- these measures are needed at present and we found that they worked well last term ensuring a safe and happy but productive environment- if you have any questions, please get in touch.